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The Comedy Shrine - 2020
Mike Hover is proud to be a nerd.
He wasn’t the high school quarterback.  He knows nothing about sports. What he does know is all things pop culture. His act is a spastic mishmash of topics from Nintendo to ghosts to Elvis impersonators to ice cream trucks, time travel and Harry Potter. He knows movie quotes and cheat codes and random trivia about a wide variety of subjects.  
And he knows how to make people laugh.
Mike bounces around the stage with nervous energy in a wild, stream of consciousness style performance. He’s manic and fast-paced; the jokes and references coming flying at you with breakneck speed. His show is observational, sometimes silly, intelligent and even insightful. He proves that comedy can be clean, powerful and a mental workout all at the same time.
Mike started his comedy journey in 2006 and currently resides in Chicago with his wife, two dogs and child on the way. He graduated from the Second City Conservatory and has traveled throughout the United States, plying his stand up at clubs, casinos and festivals.  He has even performed in Europe, doing sets in both Paris and London.
He’s been seen at the Sacramento Comedy Festival, Ventura Comedy Festival, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Gilda's Laughfest, and Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. Additionally, he was awarded "Outstanding Performer" at Genre-Thon.  Mike has also shared the stage with a wide range of comedians, including Gabriel Iglesias, Jake Johannsen, Laurie Kilmartin, Pat Godwin, Pat McGann, Greg Hahn, Carlos Alazaraqui, and Dino Archie.
Mike is confident in his material and likes to challenge himself by competing against his comedy peers. He won First Place at the Game of Microphones at the Comedy Shrine, 2nd Place at the Jokesters Comedy Contest and he was the judges pick at the Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest.  He was also a finalist in the “Best Comedian” category for The Chicago Readers "Best of 2019" list and a semi-finalist at the Ultimate Laff-Down XXVIII.  Another career highlight: his recently released album, “Hoverdrive”, debuted at #2 on the iTunes comedy charts.
The Laughing Academy Fundraiser - 2020
Age of Dinosuras on SyFy 
Besides stand up, Mike has also dipped his toe in the acting pool.  He appeared on the SyFy Channel/Netflix original “Age of Dinosaurs” (and even got eaten by one).  He was on “The Wanda Sykes Show” on FOX and the CW’s “Case Files Chicago”. He also filmed a pilot for TruTV entitled, “How to be a Grown Up”.
A set from Mike Hover is a roller-coaster ride of randomness.  It’s a fun frolic with a frenetic pace and genuine, heartfelt laughs. His show has universal appeal, so you won’t need a nerd dictionary to have a great time watching him perform.  But you might want to stretch your funny bone, because he is about to give you one heck of a workout.
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